In this guide, we’ll assume that you already know the fundamentals of Atomic Research and that you are looking for the perfect tool to implement this framework at your organization. If that’s not the case, we highly recommend you explore the links below before diving into this guide.

EnjoyHQ is passionate about helping product and UX teams worldwide connect specialized UXR tools into a single platform that allows them to truly take advantage of the data they’re already gathering and improve the quality of insights, and share knowledge across the organization.

Now we are joining forces with UserZoom…

Today we are celebrating the launch of our brand new integration with UserTesting. We’ve been in beta for a while, and we are delighted with the impact it’s already having on product teams around the world.

“By helping research teams connect their UserTesting accounts to EnjoyHQ, the job of product…

👀 In case you missed it! 🚀 Here’s the recording from our last session with Phil Hesketh from . We covered everything UX researchers need to know about data management, privacy, and informed consent, all with a bit of fun!

No matter which industry you work in, staying compliant with…

A workshop about building taxonomies with a bit of extra fun!

Are you a UX researcher, designer, or product manager looking for better ways to organize your customer research data and insights? Are you planning to or are in the process of building a Research repository? 🤔

👉If so, this workshop is for you!

We hosted the one and only Eloise…

How to Build an Effective Research System.

Being the only UX Researcher in the organization is hard.

As a solo researcher, most of your time goes into juggling a never-ending list of research requests and all the time-consuming logistics involved in getting to meaningful insights.

Many hours go into jumping between tools, copying, and pasting data and trying to find…

To answer this question we hosted a live session with Jared Forney, Senior UX Researcher at Okta.

Jared shared his journey implementing EnjoyHQ at Okta and his learnings when it comes to taxonomies, organizational change, data management, and ResearchOps.

Check the recording here 👇 Enjoy!


[00:01:08] Jared Well…

It’s sad and frustrating to see what is going on in the US, but it’s even more disappointing and painful to see the reaction of organizations and people in positions of privilege, that despite having very good intentions and good hearts, keep making the same mistakes out of ignorance.


Overnight, the user research world was changed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Or was it?

If you watch the news, you’re probably drowning in updates about “unprecedented times,” and state-wide stay-at-home mandates. …

Finding new people to follow on Twitter is one of the best parts of using the platform. Unfortunately, finding new people to follow on Twitter is also one of the worst parts of using the platform.

Twitter’s recommendations can be a decent starting point, but they often favor authenticated accounts…

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